The Beverly Hillbillies: The Official Second Season
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The Beverly Hillbillies: The Official Second Season

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An instant hit, the rural comedy was the ultimate fish-out-of-water story. The Clampett family strikes it rich in oil and move from their mountain cabin in the Ozark Mountains to the upscale neighborhood of Beverly Hills. Each hilarious episode revolves around the culture clash between the "uncivilized" Clampetts and the "civilized" culture of their elitist neighbors.


Actors: Buddy Ebsen - Donna Douglas - Irene Ryan - Max Baer Jr - Raymond Bailey.

Format: DVD.

Format Size: Fullscreen.

Runtime: 918 Mins.

Language: English.

Product Details:
Actors: Buddy Ebsen, Donna Douglas, Irene Ryan, Max Baer Jr., Raymond Bailey
Format: Box set, Black & White, Full Screen, NTSC
Language: English
Number of Discs: 5
Studio: Paramount
Run Time: 918 minutes
DVD Release Date: October 07, 2008
Average Customer Rating: based on 101 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 101 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

129 of 131 found the following review helpful:

5While waiting for the Official First Season...Oct 16, 2008
By amysmusic "dedicated to autism research and therapy"
...there is much to enjoy about the release of this Official Second Season (1963-1964).

I did submit to Amazon to change the format in the product listing to "black & white" rather than "color" as they have it described at the moment, since this season was filmed entirely in black & white and perhaps not everyone would know that (or think the releasing studio had colorized these disks).

*EDITED OCTOBER 30: I see Amazon did finally change the format to black & white for this set, so that is good to know there is less likely to be any potential for confusion.*

Since there is as of today not a listing of episodes contained in this set, I thought I would type the titles of all 36 full-length episodes (especially as there is apparently some cross-over for those buyers of the various collections regarding episodes...).

Jed Gets the Misery 09-25-63
Hair Raising Holiday 10-02-63
Granny's Garden 10-09-63
Elly Starts to School 10-16-63
The Clampett Look 10-23-63
Jethro's First Love 10-30-63
Chickadee Returns 11-06-63

The Clampetts Are Overdrawn 11-13-63
The Clampetts Go Hollywood 11-20-63
Turkey Day 11-27-63
The Garden Party 12-04-63
Elly Needs a Maw 12-11-63
The Clampetts Get Culture 12-18-63
Christmas at the Clampetts 12-25-63

A Man for Elly 01-01-64
The Giant Jack Rabbit 01-08-64
The Girl from Home 01-15-63
Lafe Lingers On 01-22-64
The Race for Queen 02-05-64
Lafe Returns 02-12-64
Son of Lafe Returns 02-19-64

The Clampetts Go Fishing 02-26-64
A Bride for Jed 03-04-64
The Critter Doctor 03-11-64
Granny Versus the Weather Bureau 03-25-64
Another Neighbor 04-01-64
The Bank Raising 04-08-64
The Great Crawdad Hunt 04-15-64

The Dress Shop 04-22-64
House of Granny 04-29-64
The Continental Touch 05-06-64
Jed Incorporated 05-13-64
Granny Learns to Drive 05-20-64
Cabin in Beverly Hills 05-27-64
Jed Foils a Home Wrecker 06-03-64
Jethro's Graduation 06-10-64

95 of 98 found the following review helpful:

5A Classic Series--Done Right!Oct 08, 2008
By Dennis G. Duryea "Justin Kipper"
With so many recent releases being comprised of incomplete and altered versions of our beloved classic TV shows, it's smart to wait and decide to purchase (or not) well after the release date. It seems that the firestorms of complaint following releases such as THE FUGITIVE SEASON TWO VOL. ONE have been noticed, at least for the time being. I must say that THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES OFFICIAL SECOND SEASON set is of far higher quality than I expected. Yes, this is the complete second season, with excellent picture (a bit grainy at times, but overall superb) and sound transfers of every episode...but most important, the episodes are complete and with the original music as far as I can tell. It's nice to see a good bit of bonus material here too; the original sponsor opening and closings are great segments that have been lost to time over the years. Some of the closing segments are continuations of the episodes themselves and extend the episodes by several minutes; for example, the third episode, "Granny's Garden", runs 29 minutes with the sponsor segments added back in. This is nice stuff, and really adds to the value!

Don't hesitate to order this fine DVD set. Just as companies should be boycotted when they mangle releases, they should also be praised and supported when they make the effort to do things right. I don't think anyone will be disappointed with THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES OFFICIAL SECOND SEASON, and I hope that this high quality is maintained as a standard in future releases.

68 of 70 found the following review helpful:

5Superlative!Oct 26, 2008
By Superbu
Having already owned these episodes as released by MPI from Paul Henning's personal 16mm prints, I wasn't quite sure what to expect from Paramount's release.

I was thrilled to see that not only are the original sponsor openings and cast commercials included, but you have the option of watching with them INTEGRATED INTO THE SHOW via seamless branching! That's a feature even the "Ultimate Collection" couldn't boast... there, the sponsor clips were available only in a supplemental section.

The prints are much better here, too, with the exception of the opening and closing credits, which appear to be sourced from Henning's 16mm prints. Nonetheless, Parmount did a tremendous job on this release.

What a thrill to watch these episodes EXACTLY as originally broadcast. And what a trip, in our politically correct age, to see the Hillibillies actually smoking!

Thanks, Paramount, for not insulting our intellect by "deciding for us" what is or is not appropriate to watch.

40 of 45 found the following review helpful:

5Way better picture quality! Beverly Hillbillies fans rejoice!!Oct 09, 2008
By KS62
The second season set from Paramount is sooooo much improved over the MPI Volumes 1 & 2. I can't believe i had something nice to say regarding Paramount.

I never thought i would see it this clear and that is viewing it on my large screen LCD tv which sometimes makes older shows seem a little more off or grainey. I also tested a disc in my player hooked up to my 36 inch glass screen tv and it seems nice and clear without any real noticeable grainey quality.

This is such an improvement over MPI and those horrible other sets that were out there prior. This was one of my very favorite shows growing up. I was so sad to think all we'd ever see are episodes in the previous quality of the MPI sets.

While the episodes are remastered the opening and closing credits are not. One feature is the option to view each episode with or without the original sponsor opening and closing. The sponsor opening extends the scene with all four driving in the truck while passing a truck or billboard with the Winston cigarettes or Kelloggs cereals logo on it. It also has extended theme lyrics mentioning one of the two sponsors. The closing is actually a short scene wrapping up the episode while having the Clampetts using one of the products in the scene. Unfortunately the sponsor closings are not remastered.

As far as the music, it plays the original theme song (with original vocalist) exactly as how we remembered it. Also i noticed that the regular intro music you would hear in the beginning of a scene is also the original music. So maybe the music that is altered pertains to performances of songs on the show or something along that line.

Seven of the episodes in season 2 have Sharon Tate wearing a black wig playing the part of Janet Trego, a bank secretary. In one episode "The Garden Party" she plays a guest at the party who dances with Jethro with her own blonde hair. She also appears in the "Elly Starts To School" episode as a "blink and you'll miss her" character named Mary. While it's nice to see makes me sad at the same time.

If you are true fan of this show and was disheartened like i was with prior sets you'll want to pick this set up. I'm so glad i did!

Welllll's time for me to have a heapin' helpin' of vittles in a Jethro sized bowl and set a spell with the Clampetts!

16 of 16 found the following review helpful:

5Perfect quality -- music is intactDec 19, 2008
By Larry Commons
Ignore the anxiety-inducing "Music has been changed..." warning on the package. Also ignore the "Some episodes may be edited..." disclaimer.

These are the real deal, 100% complete. Not one note of the classic opening or closing theme song has been altered. Every bit of Perry Botkin's classic background music is intact, too. And contrary to the review below, "Granny's Garden" is NOT edited -- it was simply filmed with fewer fade-outs to commercial breaks.

The option to play each episode with or without the original sponsor intros/outros is a great bonus. But the best part of this release is the episodes themselves -- every single one is laugh-out-loud funny, and shows just how wrong TV critics were back in the '60s when they lambasted The Beverly Hillbillies for being a mindless series. It's actually very, very clever (and, in episodes like "Elly Starts to School," remarkably sophisticated.)

Great job, Paramount.

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