The Munsters: The Complete Series
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The Munsters: The Complete Series

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Have a howlingly good time with the First Family of Fright in this collectible Complete Series that includes all 70 classic TV episodes and the two frighteningly funny feature-length movies. Reunite with the wonderfully weird Munster Clan: “working stiff” Herman, mom Lily, wacky Grandpa, the unusually normal Marilyn, and little Eddie. Plus, now see the episode “Family Portrait” in spookily spectacular full color for the first time ever. With so much Munster mayhem, your whole family is sure to have a scream!


Condition: New

Format: DVD

Box set; Black & White; Dolby; DVD; Full Screen; Subtitled; NTSC

Product Details:
Actors: Fred Gwynne, Al Lewis, Yvonne De Carlo
Format: Multiple Formats, Box set, Black & White, Dolby, Full Screen, NTSC, Subtitled
Language: English
Subtitle: French, Spanish
Number of Discs: 12
Studio: Universal Studios Home Entertainment
Run Time: 1986 minutes
DVD Release Date: October 07, 2008
Average Customer Rating: based on 504 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 5.0 ( 504 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

256 of 266 found the following review helpful:

5A Spooktacular Munsters Deal That's Really Wizard!Aug 25, 2008
By Servo
From the windy Mockingbird Heights at 1313 Mockingbird Lane, The Munsters come to send goosebumping, rib-tickling '60s wit and humor to your funny bone with The Munsters - The Complete Series!

Previously released as separate season sets, each with its own history of issues Munsters fans are all too familiar with, The Munsters Complete Series doesn't just simply repackage the episodes but also attempts to do the fans proud by righting the wrongs that haunted the previous sets.

Remember the dual-sided discs? Gone. Remember the flimsy, gimmicky, craptastic "Herman's Head" box you had to fight with to get the discs out of? Gone. Instead you'll find...

For your convenience and viewing pleasure, Universal has repackaged from the Season 1 and Season 2 sets every classic episode from the series (and respective special features) on 12 single-sided DVDs (including two bonus features) all in an exclusive collectible box set with nice package art for hours of eerie Munsters fun, and for a very reasonable price!

Special Features include:

* "America's First Family of Fright"
* "Fred Gwynne: More Than a Munster"
* "Yvonne De Carlo: Guilded Lily"
* "Al Lewis: Forever Grandpa"
* The Munsters Unaired Pilot
* The Munsters "Family Portrait" Episode (Color Version)

(Note: If you own the original separate season sets then you already have The Munsters - Complete Series episodes and special features minus the previously unreleased The Munsters "Family Portrait" episode (color version), and should consider The Munsters - Family Portrait separate single disc release which also features both the color and original B&W version before deciding.)

Bonus Features:

* Munster, Go Home! (1966)
* The Munsters' Revenge (1981)

Season 1:

Munster Masquerade
My Fair Munster
A Walk on the Mild Side
Rock-a-Bye Munster
Pike's Pique
Lo-Cal Munster
Tin Can Man
Herman the Great
Knock Wood, Here Comes Charlie
Autumn Croakus
The Midnight Ride of Herman Munster
The Sleeping Cutie
The Munsters' Family Portrait
Grandpa Leaves Home
Herman's Rival
Grandpa's Call of the Wild
All-Star Munster
If a Martian Answers, Hang Up
Eddie's Nickname
Bats of a Feather
Don't Bank on Herman
Dance With Me, Herman
Follow That Munster
Love Locked Out
Come Back, Little Googie
Far Out Munsters
Munsters on the Move
Movie Star Munster
Herman the Rookie
Country Club Munsters
Love Comes to Mockingbird Heights
Mummy Munster
Lily Munster, Girl Model
Munster the Magnificent
Herman's Happy Valley
Hot Rod Herman
Herman's Raise
Yes, Galen, There Is a Herman (aka My Friend Herman)

Season 2:

Herman's Child Psychology
Herman, the Master Spy
Bronco Bustin' Munster
Herman Munster, Shutter Bug
Herman, Coach of the Year
Happy 100th Anniversary
Operation Herman
Lily's Star Boarder
John Doe Munster
The Man for Marilyn
Herman's Driving Test
Will Success Spoil Herman Munster?
Underground Munster
The Treasure of Mockingbird Heights
Herman's Peace Offensive
Herman Picks a Winner
Just Another Pretty Face
Heap Big Herman
The Most Beautiful Ghoul in the World
Grandpa's Lost Wife
The Fregosi Emerald
Cyrano de Munster
The Musician
Prehistoric Munster
A Visit from Johann
Eddie's Brother
Herman the Tire Kicker
A House Divided
Herman's Sorority Caper
Herman's Lawsuit
A Visit from the Teacher

That's a LOT of Munsters!
Great Value!

127 of 134 found the following review helpful:

By JACK LOBO "ljb926"
If you're an owner of the previous 2 box sets and the Two Movie Fright Fest, this new package will probably disappoint. Aside from the colorized bonus feature of Family Portrait, which I would classify as acceptable not stellar, is exactly the same thing. The Menu boards are exactly the same. Season 1 has scene select, Season 2 doesn't. Plus every episode of season 2 still has that long get on your nerves UNIVERSAL STUDIOS fanfare. No you can't skip it. It'll just go to the next episode with that same fanfare. The true Munsters fan will quickly cringe at the inferior musical cues substitutes that were not corrected from the previous release. Even the episode Knock Wood, Here Comes Charlie still has a low volume. Very little effort went into correcting the shortcomings of the previous sets. In fact, aside from the convenience of being transferred to single sided discs there was really no effort at all. Universal studios should fire their lawyers. They should have had the courage to say " This is how the show was made. This is how the show is presented on TV and this is how we will present the dvd. We will keep all the original musical cues intact". I guess people with guts are becoming more scarce every day. Really, doesn't Universal have the faith that the profits of a properly made Munsters set would have more than covered the costs of monies owed to other entities that hold the rights to the music. I can understand Disney being difficult to deal with for "Someday My Prince Will Come" because they are a heartless company. But The Standells? Come on now! What possible power could they have that Universal was afraid to use "Just A Little Bit" instead of that sickening music that wasn't the Standells at all, when Eddie played them on the phonograph in the opening of Far Out Munster. Go figure. The final insult, to us the buyers, instead of using the inexpensive yet convenient thin snap covers, they created two triple fold outs that holds 2 discs per side overlapping each other. If you don't own the previous set then I recommend you get this. If you do own the previous set, don't be in too much of a hurry. Why did I give this 4 stars? Because 80% of the set is pretty good. The 20% I gripe about is like a black hole that just sucks the good right into it. I guess even badly released Munsters is better than no Munsters at all.

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5This is What You've Been Waiting ForAug 24, 2008
By Mark Ebert
If you're a fan of the Munsters and haven't purchased the Seasons as individual sets, this is what you've been waiting for. This box sets not only includes all 70 originally aired episodes, but comes with every bonus feature available on the original two sets. Additionally, this set contains the motion picture "Munster, Go Home" and the TV special from 1981. "The Munsters: Family Portrait"--sold separately for those fans who did purchase the other sets--is also featured in this collection.

This set features twelve one-sided discs (unlike the two-sided discs from the original individual season sets that some find hard to deal with and annoying).

This set is truly a dream come true for any fan of this unique '60's sitcom. Available October seventh (2008) it should arrive in time to be a wonderful Halloween treat!

50 of 54 found the following review helpful:

5This is Why DVD Exists!Jan 28, 2009
By Tim Janson
Over forty years after it went off the air, The Munsters remains an American institution. It's an iconic TV show that has never been out of syndication in over forty years and continues strong in the U.S. and around the world. This 12 disc boxed set presents the entire Munsters series in all of its hip, monster mash glory. While running only two season, the Munsters had 70 episodes. In today's TV world where the norm is 20 or 22 episodes, that's really like three and a half seasons. In addition to all the episodes you get so much more. The set includes the two feature films made with the original cast (mostly): 1966's "Munster, Go Home!" and 1981's "The Munster's Revenge". There are also several documentaries as well.

The Munsters worked because at its heart it was the All-American sitcom...they just happened to be monsters. They faced the same situations that all families face...issues at home, in school, and on the job; relationships with neighbors and family members, etc... The series featured numerous guest-stars who were well known TV personalities of the period including: Paul Lynde, Harvey Korman, Don Rickles, Dom DeLuise, John Carradine, and Frank Gorshin.

Fred Gwynne as Herman Munster and Al Lewis as Grandpa had previously worked together on another hit sitcom, "Car 54 Where are You?" Their chemistry was perfect from the opening episode as they sometimes fought, and sometimes schemed together, but were always a hilarious pair. Yvonne DeCarlo as Lily frequently found herself having to play referee in their squabbles. The series began with Beverly Owen playing niece Marilyn. When a homesick Owen wanted to go back to New York, Pat Priest replaced her in episode #14 for the rest of the show's run.

The series kicked off with "Munster Masquerade" on September 24, 1966. The Munsters are invited to a costume party. Herman dresses as King Arthur in a full suit of armor and wins first place because he was "Wearing a mask under another mask".

One of the frequent themes of the show was Herman and or Grandpa scheming to make money or Herman becoming famous. In "Herman the Great" Herman takes to the ring to become a professional wrestler; "In All-Star Munster" Herman visits Marilyn's college and is mistaken as the school's basketball star; "Herman The Rookie" finds Herman trying out for the Los Angeles Dodgers and smacking homeruns further than anyone has seen. Dodgers manager leo Durocher guest-stars; and Herman becomes an unwitting pop star in "Will Success Spoil Herman Munster."

While you can certainly see that the plots became tired towards the end of the series, the show was still performing well but the decision was made to cancel the show anyway. Still, the Munsters had one more trick up their sleeve. "Munsters Go Home" was shot after the show ended. The theatrical film was released on July 15, 1966. The Munsters learn they have inherited an English estate known as Munster Hall. This does not set well with some of the other stuffy English relatives and they try to scare the Munsters off once they get there and even plot to kill Herman. A highlight of the movie is Herman racing the famous "Dragula" dragster, one of the two famous custom cars from the show along with the Munster Koach". Two things about the film, first, it gave audiences the chance to see the Munsters in color for the first time. Second, the lack of a laugh track really hurts the feel of the film compared to the TV show. Debbie Watson replaced Pat Priest in the role of Marilyn for this film.

Gwynne, Lewis, and DeCarlo would reprise their roles for the 1981 made-for-tv movie, "The Munsters Revenge". While not very good, it did give fans a chance to see the stars one more time in their familiar make-up.

The Munsters is one of the most enduring shows in the history of television. It wasn't the highest rated show and it certainly was not a long-running show, but it's influence can still be seen all over today with various merchandising. A fantastic TV show and a first-rate DVD set!


Unaired TV pilot: The 14 minute pilot episode featured a very different looking Munsters family. Joan Marshall played "Pheobe" Munster, Herman's wife and her look was almost identical to Morticia Addams. Happy Derman played a truly maniacal Eddie Munster, who hissed and growled throughout. Thankfully he was replaced!

The set comes with four documentaries. The documentaries are not new. They were originally produced for the A&E Channel's biography series back in 2000, and 2002. They include:

"America's First Family of Fright"
"Fred Gwynne: More than a Munster"
"Yvonne DeCarlo: Gilded Lily"
"Al Lews: Forever Grandpa"

Each documentary runs approximately 45 minutes and if you haven't seen them on A&E previously they are all outstanding, especially "America's First Family of Fright". This documentary covers the entire history of the show. The Munsters were literally everywhere in the mid-1960s and had their images on model kits, toys, lunch boxes, and more. You get to see rare footage of the cast in full make-up doing publicity appearances at Marine Land and at a Thanksgiving Parade. Great Stuff!

17 of 19 found the following review helpful:

5Single Sided Discs and Color Episode Make this Worth 5 StarsSep 27, 2008
By ELC "brett friend"
I received this set a bit early, and I can tell you, it is worth having if you like the "Munsters". I owned the two previous sets of season one and season two, but like a lot of customers I have never been happy with the two sided discs and had a few issues with them. This set has all the episodes on single-sided discs. Also, I viewed the color "Family Portrait" episode and loved it. I have always enjoyed the black and white look to the series as it seemed appropriate. I must admit that after seeing an episode in color, I longed to see more of them in color. Someone did their homework as the colors match color photos I have seen of the characters in costume and of the sets. My only minor complaint is that the discs are placed on top of each other. There are two holders, one each for both seasons. I would have preferred the plastic sleeves which some sets come with but these discs are grouped in twos and as I stated, with one disc partially covering up the other. The two Munster reunion movies, "Munster Go Home!" and "The Munster's Revenge" are included too. Season two as previously released did not have the scene selections as season one did, and it doesn't have it in this set either. But the good far outweighs any negatives with this set. I think this set is well worth owning and there are some nice color pictures on the box. Five stars from me!

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