I Love Lucy: The Complete Series
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I Love Lucy: The Complete Series

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The Whole McGillicuddy: All 9 Seasons! All 194 Episodes!
Fall in love again and again with the timeless comedy that entertains generation after generation. This special 34-disc DVD collection contains every hilarious episode of every classic season of I Love Lucy--from the Lost Pilot to the The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour shows. Join Lucy, Ricky, Fred and Ethel for non-stop laughter as you savor every magical moment of the greatest sitcom of all time.

Includes all new special features including I Love Lucy: The Movie, the first Fully-Colorized I Love Lucy episode, I Love Lucy at the 6th Annual Emmy® Awards, highlights of Lucy & Desi's First Joint TV Appearance, and hours of bonus features from the individual complete season releases!


Condition: New

Format: DVD

Box set; Black & White; DVD; Full Screen; NTSC

Product Details:
Actors: I Love Lucy, Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, William Frawley, Vivian Vance
Format: Multiple Formats, Box set, Black & White, Full Screen, NTSC
Language: English, Spanish
Number of Discs: 34
Run Time: 5394 minutes
DVD Release Date: October 23, 2007
Average Customer Rating: based on 706 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 5.0 ( 706 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

442 of 447 found the following review helpful:

5"The Whole McGillicuddy: All 9 Seasons! All 194 Episodes!" (taken from the back description) A Great Product. A Great Show!Nov 17, 2007
By musicholickgp "KGP"
I have been watching I Love Lucy since my elementary school years. I grew up watching it, even though I wasn't around when it first came out. Young and old love this show.

It is much cheaper buying the complete series than buying each individual season, which is what I did, until I saw this on Amazon, so I sold my other sets to get this one. Usually Amazon is pretty competitive with their prices, but I got this set for $137.72 at Sams Club. Now I will be waiting for complete series of TV sows to come out, rather than buy each individual season of different TV shows.

This set includes all 180 episodes plus the pilot episode to make it 181 episodes from the show I Love Lucy plus the 13 episodes from The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour series for seasons 7, 8, and 9, making it a total of 194 episodes. All of the discs are exactly the same as the individual season boxed sets, but there is a bonus DVD included.

This disc includes:
"Lucy Goes to Scotland"-In Color
"I Love Lucy: The Movie"
Lucy and Desi's First Joint TV Appearance
"I Love Lucy" At the Sixth Annual Emmy Awards
On-Set Commercial From the Series Premiere

It was great being able to see one of the episodes in color, to see what the audience saw when they were there watching the actors in person. It was especially nice to see Lucy's red hair, but I do have to admit I much prefer the series in black and white because that's what I'm used to.

Many people in the past reviews have mentioned I Love Lucy: The Movie. Well to be honest it's only three episodes (The Benefit, Breaking the Lease, and the Ballet) all one right after the other with some extra minutes in between each episode to add a story line from one episode to transition to another, so it flows together and makes sense to create a movie length show. It's still great to watch, but it wasn't as big a deal as I thought it was going to be.

And there are many other extra bonus features on each disc, the same bonus features that are on each of the season boxed sets. The discs are also the same in appearance both on the outside just looking at it, and also once put in the DVD player, on the main menu screen. Also what I have noticed on the bonus disc before choosing to play the commercial for Philip Morris, there is a warning label: "This material is shown in its historical context. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND SMOKING, WHICH CAUSES LUNG CANCER, AND OTHER DISEASES."

On all of the discs there are Spanish Subtitles, and on every season disc (not the bonus DVD) you can choose to watch any episode with English or Spanish as the spoken language.

Also on the first season discs in this set, on the main menu screen you can choose to play all episodes on the disc or play them individually. If you choose to play them all by clicking the "play all" button on the screen, the I Love Lucy song plays with Ricky singing the lyrics. Then there is a group of people singing the song right before it ends. There are several different scenes from the show that show on the screen while the song is playing. Lucy, Ricky, Fred and Ethel are in color on the screen during the song, but everything else is in black and white. Before the song plays and right after it, a pink curtain pulls up and down that says "The Collector's Edition." You'll probably recognize the lyrics to the theme song.

These are the words to I Love Lucy:


The pilot episode on the first disc from the first season, I was surprised how clear the screen was. All of the discs have such clear picture quality, much better quality on these discs than on reruns on TV. Of course it may depend on how good a picture your TV gets. If you have a good picture on your TV, then the reruns on TV are usually pretty clear too.

In this complete series, the DVDs are not in cases, like they were for the individual seasons. Instead there are two cardboard book-like CD cases that they are in (accordion shape style). One has seasons 1-3 including the bonus disc and the other for seasons 4-9, so they are split up about equally to be the same size to fit into its case. For each slot in the CD case, it says what season and what disc the slot is. The colors on the slots match the colors on the discs. For example, the first seasons' discs are pink, so the slots for season one are pink. Everything is put in order and easier to locate and find.

There is also a pamphlet or small thin book (whatever you want to call it) that tells you what is on each disc. For each page in it, it lists each episodes' title, the air date and a small summary about the episode. And below the episode lists/guides, there are "Bonus Material Highlights" which mention which episodes from "My Favorite Husband" are on the disc and whatever special features the disc has: "Behind the Scenes" Featurette, "Behind the Scenes" Slide Show, slide shows, Audio Commentary, Meet Special People, Photo Gallery etc. On each page, there are several photos of Lucy and the gang from different episodes as well. Also, just like the DVDs and the book-like accordion CD cases are organized by color, so is the pamphlet/thin book. Season one's DVDs are pink, and so are the pages in the pamphlet/thin book for the pages that season one is on. Season three is colored blue, so the pages with season three are blue, and so are the DVDs and the slots to put them away in.

The pamphlet/thin book fits inside the box with the two CD cases. The cover for the box, with the I Love Lucy logo on it, fits nicely over it. It's a cute way to store the series, but it probably could have been put together better, but it's still great for any Lucy lover, and it's a wonderful collectors item.

It really is a great product, and better, a great show! It's great to watch over and over again.

Once a fan, always a fan!

27 of 28 found the following review helpful:

5Simply Amazing DVD Set BUT Perhaps The WORST Packaging EVER!!!Mar 27, 2010
By Robert Marriott "a reviewer"
This is one of the best TV shows of all time. As far as content and clarity goes, this DVD set really delivers. However, I'm here to review the packaging because it's just that bad! In fact, as others have pointed out, it's frustrating to the point of being comical. I can't believe someone actually agreed to release this set the way it is.

To get at the DVDs, you have to go through an adventure in poor design. For starters, the flaps on the [side] of the outer plastic box are quite rigid. You must pull these open so you can slide the contents out [horizontally]. Inside the clear outer box is light plastic insert sitting on top of the heart-shaped DVD case. Because the DVD case is heavier than the plastic insert, getting the two out in synch and back in again is somewhat of an art form since the light insert tends to get stuck on the outer packaging.

Now, if you manage to get the heart-shaped DVD case out without dropping everything on the floor, you'll be greeted with the challenge of navigating the DVD case. The big red heart lifts up to access the individual discs, but when you want to put it back, you have to pull the sides apart because it fits like a snug saddle. If you're not careful, you'll end up cramming the heart into the DVD case.

Finally, we come to the layout of the DVD "case". It's nice they included a color-coded booklet, but this is only of limited assistance since it's nearly impossible to find the exact disc you're looking for while the "accordion" divider is inside the box (color-coded or not). You could take the divider out, but your discs will probably end up all over the floor. If you leave it in, then you have to fumble around until you find the disc you're looking for. This means spreading the flaps with your fingers on one hand, while using your index and thumb on your other hand to pinch the DVD and pry it [up] from inside the box. (this is the only way I've figured out how to do this so far.) Unfortunately, you'll end up getting your finger prints all over the read surface of the DVDs -- if not scratching them. But don't worry, with packaging like this, there's a good chance some of the discs already come scratched from the factory!

My guess is that appearance was more important than functionality, and as artwork goes, it is a nice looking box set. However, if you're concerned about scratching your discs, then I STRONGLY suggest you invest a few more dollars to buy the seasons individually. Those sets come in proper plastic cases. If you do purchase this and wish to use it frequently, then I recommend you purchase some blank DVD cases!

90 of 103 found the following review helpful:

5Finally the complete series is out...Jul 22, 2007
By Susan W. Sager "fancyface"
I Love Lucy The Complete Series is now being made available on DVD and there are rumors that the long awaited I Love Lucy may be included with the set, lets just hope that they also make a seperate disc as well for the movie for us fans that allready bought all of the seperate seasons of I Love Lucy on DVD. This Complete Series is now available for pre-order on various websites including Amazon and will release on October, 23, 2007!

With this set you get all 179 half hour episodes of I Love Lucy as well as 13 FULL hour episodes of The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour on DVD for the low low price of only $168.99 and packaged beautifully plus digitally remastered to crystal clear perfection!!

There will also be bonuses including Lucille Ball on the radio show "My favorite Husband, rare commercials, clips in color, Desilu studio tour with Lucy and the gang and much more.. With the bonuses alone you get several hours of fun and if you bought the season DVD sets it will be much of the same bonuses in this complete series.

If you have never bought the Lucy season sets and you are a fan then you do not know what you are missing. The shows are in crystal clear picture quality and not like they were when DVD's were first made and VHS's also, these are so nice and remastered to perfection and clearer than what you will see on tv. I wont even watch I Love Lucy on the television anymore because the DVD's are so much clearer that it doesn't look right to watch it a little on tv.

You not only get every single episode of the I Love Lucy show and The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour to watch over and over again but you get never before seen bonuses that are very rare and some of these bonuses have never been seen on cable before now. This is the absolute perfect gift for any Lucy fan and is a must have collection to own!

I bought my season sets seperately as they were being made and I paid about $250 for the complete collection individually and the I Love Lucy movie was not even included, you will be very lucky to get that lost movie, which was recently found 50 years later after I love Lucy was produced and they may be adding that movie with this set. The I Love Lucy movie as of now has never been released to the public but by stong requests from many fans it will be out soon!

I will keep updating this review as I find out more information about what is included with the set but this is a terrific value and not to be passed up even if the movie is not included with the complete series.. This is a terrific value and price!!

(UPDATE: The price of this set has now went up so I believe that if you were able to buy it at the $168.99 Amazon will match it via there policy but if you are just now buying it you will have to pay the new price unless it goes down before the release date which tends to happen a lot on Amazon with price changes so keep a look out and do price comparisons at dvdpricesearch website for this set to get the best deals. Also great news it has been confirmed that the lost I Love Lucy movie will be included with this set )

60 of 70 found the following review helpful:

3Every episode, no English subtitles!Jan 02, 2009
By B. Prepper
I bought this for my wife, who is obsessed with I Love Lucy -- she loves it! When her mother visited, they wanted to sit and watch some Lucy shows together. Unfortunately my mother-in-law is hard of hearing and requires the use of Closed Captioning. After hunting around for 5-10 minutes, I realized this set has CC in Spanish but not English!

I'm not sure why that is, but it makes it difficult for her! I am very surprised that such a complete series would miss such an important thing! If someone knows something about this that I don't, let me know!

15 of 16 found the following review helpful:

4Great series, goofy packagingJan 03, 2009
By Twiddles42
I'll spare the reasons why the show is loved, how great the restoration looks, the fact season 1 has been remastered for this, et cetera... we all know it's great and other people have said it all already. :) But I will talk about the packaging.

The complete series box - take it out of the plastic and it's a rectangle with the heart shape over it. Pull up on the heart to reveal the discs, which have no individual protection, only a cardboard insert backing each disc -- this means, go out to the store and buy a case of 50 paper sleeves and ditch the cardboard inserts inside this box.

I have yet to inspect every disc, and I hope none is severely scratched. Not likely; I had worse trouble with the Cosby Show 25th anniversary set, and those issues were surprisingly few and minor -- and I bought envelopes for those discs too.

It's a bit on the cheap side, this box, but even having to do the extra work in procuring disc envelopes, for an extra $4, it's a good price for a great series. But expect this trend to continue for many more shows; particularly complete series sets.

If this is the way of the future, I hope more companies do what was done for "Sanford and Son - the complete series": One plastic tray/caddy with all the discs inside and fitted with one cardboard piece. No fuss, no muss. Easy to repackage with envelopes and put back into the main box too, unlike "The Cosby Show".

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